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About Us

Heli-Lift have reliably provided their valued customers with a broad range of helicopter services throughout the UK, and Europe, for over 30 years.

Heli-Lift Services’ helicopter pilots are among the most experienced in the world in their particular fields. Heli-Lift’s team of operatives and engineers have shaped this well-respected company into the safe and effective practice we see throughout the modern helicopter service industry.

Heli-Lift Services’ aircrew are all experienced pilots with many hours of logged flight time. Heli-Lift Services’ pilots are required to operate in a variety of settings, situations and environments. It is a prerequisite that our pilots are comprehensively qualified and extensively experienced with the range of services we provide including underslung loads, low level operations and airborne firefighting experience.

All Heli-Lift Services’ aircraft and relevant equipment are strictly maintained in accordance with current good practice, and as regulation stipulates, as part of our ongoing commitment to safe and effective operation.

From the first pylon lifts, the first large scale erosion reduction initiatives, and the use of helicopters in bracken control; as a helicopter service provider, Heli-Lift Services, has always been at the leading edge. Their pilots have successfully carried out some of the most advanced and pioneering helicopter service work as it was being conceived.

‘At the leading edge of the helicopter services industry’

Based in the South of England, and with subsidiary operational bases throughout the UK and Europe, Heli-Lift Services are uniquely positioned to provide a wide range helicopter services to you, in your location.

The Heli-Lift Services team are ready and waiting to offer you the benefit of their vast experience, a wide range of helicopter services, logistics planning and guidance. Please call or email to discuss what Heli-Lift Services can do for you.

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