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Heli-Lift services maintain a crew of experienced pilots with logged firefighting hours in the UK and Europe.


When fire gets out of control it can very quickly become a hugely destructive force. As a result, people, livestock, wildfowl, plants and animals can suffer.

Heli-Lift Services offer essential support to coordinated firefighting teams to bring fire under control quickly and safely.

F C Handbook

“One of the principal advantages of a helicopter is ability to operate from locations near and on the fine line.  Its vertical takeoff and landing characteristics make it a valuable piece of equipment for close support action of ground based firefighting operations.”

The Fire Chief's Handbook edited by Robert C. Barr & John Eversole

F C Guide

Putting a fire plan into place before a catastrophic event for the safe evacuation of personnel, livestock and wildfowl could save lives and money and preserve your environment.

Contact us now or in the event of an emergency, our service can make a real difference to you.

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