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The Angel Moroni Statue lift

Heli-Lift Services’ Aerial Crane can place objects up to 1.9 tons with precision and often for a fraction of the cost of a conventional crane. Placing their loads with accuracy is often easier for a pilot rather than a crane operator because of the pilot’s direct line of sight.

Aerial cranes can reach areas that their ground based counterparts have no access to. This was the case when Heli-Lift Services were involved in the placement of a gold plated Angel Moroni statue onto the roof of a church.

It was decided that the ground was too soft for a conventional crane and the 8-foot statue needed to be lifted 180 feet to the top of the 50 year old temple for the conclusion of the church’s jubilee celebrations. Working alongside ‘Stone West’ this treasured and delicate piece was safely lifted and accurately placed for the event.

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