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Forestry Assignments

Heli-Lift Services provide a wide range of products and services to aid your forest and moorland management.

Whether its a single lift carrying heavy equipment over difficult terrain or a grand project, Heli-Lift Services can get it done faster, safer and more cost effectively.

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Extracting Christmas Trees in Kielder Forest

If you wondered where that huge tree in the city centre near you came from last Christmas, then look no further! Operating out of Kielder Forest in Northumberland, Heli-Lift Services harnessed and airlifted over a hundred Christmas Trees for distribution to city centres around the UK.

Call now for a consultation on any project you are planning and find out how we can make a difference to you forest management.

Some of the trees were over 50 feet tall. The decision to use helicopters for the job was a natural choice. Heli-Lift Services helicopter lifting service is a safe, swift and cost effective solution wherever you are operating. But, when operating in areas where no ground based vehicle can pass – a helicopter is essential.

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