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Treating Vineyards in the Douro Valley

In a groundbreaking event for European agriculture, Heli-Lift Services pioneered the use of helicopters for treating grapevines in Cyprus. Following the Cypriot success they went on to treat vineyards in the historical Douro Valley, Portugal.

A number of the Port Vineyards date from a time before modern machinery was conceived and implemented. With little room for tractors, whole crop treatment was a monumental and costly event. Yet without treatment, large portions of crop would routinely be lost to fungi, bacteria, and particularly mildew.

The Heli-Lift Services’ spraying rig is so effective and efficient because the rig’s nozzle jets release perfectly weighted droplets evenly and swiftly over the crop; as is visible in the image behind taken on a moorland spraying assignment. Their Heli-Deck is used for refilling on uneven ground and, to ensure even coverage, sophisticated GPS mapping devices plot  and record progress!

Vineyard Movie 1 Vineyard Movie 2 Rig GPS Heli-Deck

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